Cradle To The Grave

by Albion

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released June 21, 2013

Jake Osborn- Lead Guitar and Vocals
Simon Ward- Rhythm Guitar
Simon Greenmore- Bass Guitar
Mark Greenmore- Mums, Bums and Drums



all rights reserved


Albion Ipswich, UK

On a quest for long lost archaic Britain. Available to book for weddings, children's birthday parties and bar mitzvahs.

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Track Name: This Is England
A land of hope and gory, New Labour, Old Tory,
Capitalists, Communists, Thieves and Hypocrites,
Future aint what it used to be, Big society’s casualty,

This is England

A land of hope and gory, fire and purgatory,
Things aint Rosie, Jim won’t fix it, Even Robin lost his hood,
London’s burning, They aint learning,
Track Name: Cradle To The Grave
Just wanna die, nothing goes our way,
Going backwards every fucking day,
Fuck the world and life itself,
Its problem after problem, no-one fucking helps,

It’s the land of make believe, From the cradle to the grave,
They taint our eyes and take our souls,
Same old shit from a different hole,
They drown me out,
And shut me up….

Here’s the church, Here’s the steeple,
Slam the door, no-one’s equal,
Fuck the cuts, and fuck the MPs,
Fuck the rich and fuck the people,
Track Name: Alien Agenda
This town built of sand,
Knocked down for a few grand,
Hear the drumming rain,
Coming down to cease this flame,

Government run the media,
Tea-time propaganda,
Control the shit they feed to ya,
Of the alien agenda,

Fulfil your darkest desires,
Throw inhibitions in the fire,
With rockers and dancers,
With dreamers and chancers,
Track Name: Mary
The blood is on your hands,
This is the devil’s plan,
Good and evil are the same thing,
With the madness that you all bring,

Fake beliefs and plastic relics,
Unholy water, corrupt clerics,
A book of tales, rules your lives,
Open your fucking eyes,

This isn’t a real thing,
This is your choice, you suffering,
It feeds off the weak,
No chance to act or speak,

This isn’t a real thing,
This is your choice, your suffering,
This is your last supper,
Mary weren’t a virgin... I fucked her
Track Name: Friendly Fire
Every man has feuds,
Few have wars,
Most lay them in bed,
Few lay in trenches of death,

Civilians watch falling shells,
Rain from heaven to rage hell,
Death aint the enemy,
When a friend fires the shot,

Waste no time on the bible,
Pen to paper, government on trial,
Crosses bear lost souls,
Faces lost to fucking dust,

This aint paradise lost,
Its hell found,
Burnt grass, flowers drowned,
Albion’s skeleton on the ground,
Track Name: In Albion
Laugh in the face of death,
Make my grave and dig my bed,
Fuck politics, Power hungry lunatics,
Full of lies and dirty tricks,
Crumbling sentiments,
Fall like London tenements

Hell hath no fury,
No death, no fucking glory,
Welcome to the 21st century,
Welcome to the 21st century,

Journalists cut, hack and twist,
Pigs and MPs assist,
Wannabes on talent shows,
With no fucking talent to show,
1 hit wonders, reality TV,
Of a reality that don’t effect me,
Track Name: Walls Of Babylon
It burns deep inside of me,
With Lucifer living rent free,
All dead behind the eyes,
Ignorance is fucking bliss,
There’s death in their eyes,
A gaze of helplessness,

I’ll purge the pain,
So sick of it all,
Kiss your open sores,
Walk down death’s hall,
An infection of your affection,
With no cure,

Never seen the sun,
From the walls of Babylon,
Our world is nigh,
So glad to see it,
This aint utopia,
This place is fucked,