Our Lament EP

by Albion

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released December 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Albion Ipswich, UK

On a quest for long lost archaic Britain. Available to book for weddings, children's birthday parties and bar mitzvahs.

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Track Name: Out My Mind
Tell you a fucking story, based in the past and history,
The end's written, its laying there dead and buried,
You can't fucking walk it, only see it in your mind's eye,
As sinners we aint aware, fate takes us everywhere,

I'm out of my fucking mind,
Until the day I die,

The world seems out of place, as I live in side my head,
Reality aint real to me, I pretend she's fucking dead,
Aint it all fun and games? When you know you're dying young,
Fuck this slowly waiting, I have no faith fucking none

Let's all commit crimes, just go inside,
A way out of society let the judge decide,
A person's laugh sounds the same as their scream,
Fuck this place, its fucking wrecked, let's hit restart,
Track Name: Nothing To Show
Fuck your feelings, you don't deserve,
Fuck what you believe in, your death reserved,
Innocent killed, the killers alive,
Fuck this reasoning, you shouldn't survive

You've got nothing to show, anyway,
Your death brings peace and not pain,

Take your place, a hole in the ground,
Forever in darkness, you are bound,
While you laugh, while you play,
You are damned everyday
Track Name: D.Y.N.R
Do we need religion? Another reason for war,
Another fucked up reason, for blowing up our door,

Do we need religion? Some faith that's just a lie,
A faith that has people killing,
Don't believe? Then you will die,

Do we need religion? An excuse to argue and fight,
Its all about peace you say, until provoked then you bite,
Do we need religion? Shown how to live your life,
If you choose to live this way, then each to their own right,
But I won't give in, to this superhuman shite,
Track Name: Poison Ivy
Pissed your dreams up the wall,
Now you got nothing at all,
Poison ivy, poison lips,
Choke on your perfume mist,
If she floats then she’s a witch,
If she floats she’s a fucking witch,

Stay away……….

Is that a glimpse of your soul?
Or a drop of alcohol?
Sticks and stones break my bones,
Your words killed me long ago,
If she floats then she’s a witch,
If she floats she’s a fucking witch,
Track Name: This Is The End
I felt the darkness coming over me,
The flame of daydream nation burnt right out,
Becoming what it hated shrouded in doubt,
It’s good to be different but they’re all the same

This is the end

Look across this landscape acned with mistakes,
I’m strung out on confusion this aint no illusion,
No-one gets out of here alive,
So kiss yourselves goodbye,

From the cemetery,
I stared out to see,
The sky and trees,
Melting to my feet,
I have no faith,
In this human race,
It’s already won,
I’ll take the bullet,
Just give me the gun,
Track Name: Our Lament
One way ticket to a promised land,
Fuck the cooler, burn in the sand,
Hurt, pain and torment,
Misery, strain... this lament,

Give it death or put it in a cage,
Shoot to kill, make it front page,
Hurt, pain and torment,
Misery, strain... this lament,

Too much suffering on our streets,
Bloody hands, thirsty leech,
Hurt, pain and torment,
Misery, strain our lament,

You will burn in the hot sun,
Forever in debt for what you've done